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Thursday, December 16, 2004

We suffered many "Moving" experiences this year. In April, 2004 we signedaway the place which possessed us for 53 years, & moved two miles eastinto a retirement home. Suffice it to say we made several thrift shopsextremely happy, & what we didn't get rid of we still have--stashedbehind bedroom furniture & in our Dogwood closets!

We were welcomed to this block by ambulances enroute to St. FrancesHospital--they honked in a friendly fashion and we assumed they waved,too to show friendliness! We no longer hear them, and we are also notnoticing the dust on Western Avenue as much as we did at first. Could bebecause every morning the road appears to have been mopped by fresh,clean water. Obviously our complaining reached the right number.Or is it Global warming? Or Global warning??

No one ever doubts we belong here-gray hair, glasses, hearing aids (or adistinct need for them) & most have lost a few inches in height, though'tis said that it doesn't show on me. We still haunt or old neighborhood,and we've assumed new responsibilities (since city churches need all thehelp they can get) and now we usher, fold & deliver newsletters, andunlock doors to let in the boy scouts who meet there.One of the fun things we do is to "facilitate" classes for theRenaissance (an Elder Hostel program).at St. Xavier U. (Coutnriesfeatured: South Korea, India, Kenya, Israel, Italy, Nicaragua, Peru,Antarctica, Hong Kong, & Craig's "Around the World in 80 days.") Each class lasts anhour + discussion. No tests.

You may have read about Utica, Il which was demolished by a tornado inApril. Craig, a certified city planner, has a government grant to seethat what can be done to bring it back to life, & to try to do it.The Tribune ran a feature on it last week. His friend, Pete Terry, refersto him as a worker for the world's good, or something like that.

Our daughter Ann, works for the government in Sioux Falls, SD.Which is where we honeymooned 57 years ago; Clif always claimed it was"same-as" Niagara Falls!

Our youngest, Scotto, was born 44 years ago today (Dec. 12). With 3 boys(+ 1 girl) it is no wonder he is both coach & scoutmaster, + being achemist in Elkhart, Indiana. their youngest, Shane, will be 5 on NewYear's Day. No one forgets that birthday! On their birthdays we sing"Sto lot" so, since I don't know any Norske songs, I will teach Norskewords. Magne Takk (Many thanks) & Toosen Takk (tousand tanks).

Like Lake Wobegone kids our grand kids are better lookin' & smarter thanaverage. Erik, 13, is in a Legos club which designs 2 ft high robotswhich do mechanical things such as shake hands. Krystina & Erik went toSD last summer & think Uncle Lyle (who has replaced Uncle Red) is thebest attraction SD offers. Bret, Craig's son, bequeathed me a goose downjacket, which, since I am always cold, is the nicest thing anyone coulddo for me. Craig & Beth's daughter, Leish Ann, is researching whether blondes or brunettes have the most fun.

Clif & I fear we have outlived our era--we went into an electronic store& didn't recognize a single thing.Anyhow, may God continue to bless us all, & may we all live a "tousand "years. Magne Takk for listening.

Clif & Louise
11365 S. Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60643


This is an e-mail from Norway. I'm currently working on finding family members who left our country and settled down in various places in America.

I searched www.familysearch.org and saw that you had submitted information on Erik Furholmen, Ella Furholmen (Lillegard) and her family. I am amazed and very happy right now. At least now we know when they died, where, and when they got married.

Erik was the son of Georg Furuholmen, one of my great-great grandmother's brothers. We have a family book that was written in 1945 and only have some vague information on those who moved to America and their children, but not much.

Georg Furuholmen had nine children, including Erik that you have submitted in "family search", so I have a lot of work to do trying to find some of them. Some of them also changed their surname Furuholmen to Furholmen and Furnholm.

If you have any other information - at all - that is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Morten Nilsen
email mortnils@broadpark.no

Thursday, December 09, 2004


Glad you have the Blog working. Now we will see if we can get the rest of the family contributing.

This is Louise, writing the Round Robin,, in the month of December, 2004
I'm trying to learn how to blog.

This is Louise, writing the Round Robin,, in the month of December, 2004
I'm trying to learn how to blog.